Yarn crawl in Tokyo

It’s been a long while since we last visited Japan. I’ve always said that it is my favourite holiday destination. That year we first visited Japan, I loved it so much I went again all on my own in the same year. Vintage, fabrics, paper crafts, yarns, zakka, MT tapes, erasable pens, accessories, craft books, sushi… I love and miss them all.

The Hubby and I had planned to go in September this year but alas, news of the worsening situation at Fukushima, held us back. I pray and hope that our Japanese friends are well and find ways to mitigate the health impacts and concerns.

Anyway, a new friend I made through Sewinlove Workshops is making a trip to Tokyo and asked if I had any yarn shops to recommend. As I’ve been in Europe the last couple of years, I am more familiar with the yarn-map in European cities. But I do have a few yarn shops in Tokyo to recommend… I hope you find them fruitful and full of fun.

1. Avril at Kichijoji – http://www.avril-kyoto.com
Drop-dead gorgeous yarn shop that sells an amazing array of unusual yarns by weight.

2. Hitsujidama – http://www.fiberrepublic.com
Specialises in natural fibres and imported knitting tools; owned by American Cassie who spins, dyes and sell her own wools.

3. Jota – http://www.jota28.com
Not exactly a yarn shop; but be prepared to be welcomed by a yarns galore as it is a weaving workroom filled with traditional looms and varied yarns.

4. Classe – http://classe-daikanyama.jp
A knitting classroom/workshop  that sells yarns and knitting/crocheting related products.