DIY – Happy trotters

Our weekend getaway with the Parents to Paris flew by in a wink.

I’m really glad I fulfilled a wish I’ve harboured for a long time, to show the Parents the charms and chapels of the famed city. I only wish they didn’t have to walk so much to get anywhere. It has become increasingly apparent to me that the endless flights of steps in the Underground and Metro systems of many European cities are a bane to elderly folks. Or, that the Parents are really getting on in years…

The other highlight of the Paris trip was traipsing into La Drogerie! While I practised an admirable mountain-load of self-restraint in the face of the forest of yarns there, I did let myself indulge in a few metres of lace and checkered fabrics. And I finally found the elastic cords I’ve been hunting for ages!

Here’s the five-minute revamp of my beloved Cydwoq¬†shoes whose laces had snapped sometime ago. I also slipped in polka-dotted soles for extra cushiony comfort. Now these Happy Trotters are ready to prance and dance!

Happy trotters

Happy trotters – Before

Happy trotters

Happy trotters – Polka dot solemates

Happy trotters

Happy trotters – Picking a colour!

Happy trotters

Happy trotters – Tadaaah!


  • They’re stunning!
    I can imagine you in your once-goth phase with these shoes, like they belong to Emily the Strange.

  • June 5, 2012 at 6:07 pm // Reply

    Ya, she found this in an ulu shop in the old town of Barcelona, and with substantial discount due to the large size, occassionally, it pays to have big feet. The red laces make it look even nicer!

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