Doily drawstring

Doily drawstring

I have to admit I have been having a doily addiction. Crocheting doilies apparently is not enough for me. I’ve bought a doily-shaped cut-off metal plate for decorative use (to put pins and such on). I’ve also sourced a pair of lovely doily rubber stamps from Japan recently, which I can’t wait to use on cards and letters. And one afternoon, a bulb went on in my head. Why not a doily draw-string bag, only, it’s a dyed on doily! So with a little bottle inkodye in hand, a few minutes of sunshine at our balcony, a few hours of drying and a quick run through my favourite sewing machine, voila! A doily drawstring bag, with a scallopy ‘lace’ butterfly finish at the top. In love with doilies, merrily-go-rounds.

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