Life and Love


Origami love for my hubby

It has been a long hiatus from updating this blog. How much life has changed! For the better, which is great.

First off, we are back at home. I miss lot of things about our adventure in London, but home is home and there comes a time to return.

Secondly, we gave birth! Baby Dylan has given us a whirlwind of new experiences in the last 5 months of his newborn life. He gave me an easy and largely comfortable pregnancy. And while he couldn’t wait to see the world and popped 6 weeks earlier than expected, given us a few tough weeks of caring for a tiny preemie, he has now put on good weight and is wowing us everyday with his spiritedness and delightful disposition.

Thirdly, I took a year’s sabbatical to care for Dylan and help him catch up on his developmental milestones and outgrow his silent reflux condition. I’m enjoying our soporific afternoons together and witnessing his every first – first flip, first holding of his hands together etc. Many more to come and I’m grateful that I am able to indulge this vast amount of time to bond with him.

Three very major changes, amongst many others, in our lives.

I hope very much to rejuvenate this site again, and start blogging more regularly, and finding pockets of time to embark on crafty endeavours, even if small such as folding an origami heart with a bus ticket this morning on the way to meet a darling girlfriend for a speedy breakfast and catch-up.

I feel like Life is throwing me a lifeline. Giving me a chance. Giving me a safety net and saying, go for it.

Tomorrow, our helper arrives. I sincerely hope we all get along and she will find in us a good place to work and live; and pick up the ropes to being a great helper at home. We really do need this extra pair of hands.

For now, it’s off to preparing Dylan’s bath water and afternoon snack!




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