Spreading yarnlove

I am thrilled to partner BFF Zakka Store in presenting a beginners’ crochet workshop at the end of this month! I am so looking forward to meeting these wonderful peeps and sharing my yarnlove and crochet contagion with them.

Class grannie square with border

Workshop content: classic grannie square with border

The lovely BFF ladies have been real stars helping with the registration. It leaves me to prepare the starter kits for the participants and boy was I excited when the yarns I specially ordered for the workshops arrived at my doorstep yesterday. Wheee!

While my kid entertained himself for a few minutes in the jumperoo this morning, I whipped up a little bird brooch to wear specially for the B(ird) F(riends) F(orever) Zakka Store workshop! I used a scrap of undyed linen leftover from a previous project. I usually go for bright colours but I like how this one turned out.

I am thinking of writing down the pattern when I have time to share. Makes for a fun, easy and fast gift, don’t you think? Have a great Friday. I know I have been counting down all week. *pump fist*

Bird Friends Forever brooch

Bird Friends Forever brooch

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