Hello! I am Diana, founder of Sewinlove Workshops and Yarnshop.

Through Sewinlove Workshops, I host crochet classes and also conduct private lessons.

Sewinlove Yarnshop is a small home-based business. It was first started with a a vision to provide a wider range of high quality, value-for-money, varied coloured cotton yarns which I have found to be lacking in Singapore.

However, I also curate beautiful, high quality and unusual yarns to bring to Singapore’s fibre arts crafters. I am, to my knowledge, the first and so far only importer of Jumbo Joy Jersey yarns for extreme crocheting.

In my learning journey, I’ve come across many wonderful designers and makers whose work have been inspiring or who had shared wonderful tutorials and tips. I will share these wonderful sites and books here, as well as contribute some tutorials (and Sewinlove Workshop Tipbits!)¬†of my own too!

I hope you enjoy the site and keep in touch.


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